“Just be humble and try learn as much as you can while you’re young. Be open to any ideas and knowledge you don’t know.

Our engineers and surveyors come from all over the world, allowing a diverse and varied wealth of knowledge to tackle each project we manage. We’re happy that Dr. Jian Jiao joined Unintech Consulting Engineers, Inc. (UNINTECH) in June of 2020. He is our Engineer-in-Training for our Civil Division, and he is a recently graduated civil engineering PhD student. Dr. Jiao brings with him a unique perspective on engineering that we are proud to add to our team.

Inspired by his father and grandfather who were also engineers, Dr. Jiao graduated in 2013 from the National University of Singapore with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. Ever the scholar, Dr. Jiao decided to continue his education with a master’s degree. However, he also wanted to expand his worldview. Encouraged from a young age by his parents to explore the world, Dr. Jiao embraced the adventurist inside him and set his journey for America.

He found himself in Texas and signing up for a master’s program, and then the PhD track, at Texas A&M University in College Station. He graduated from Texas A&M with a PhD in civil engineering in May of 2020. 

Dr. Jiao studied transportation throughout his engineering education. There, he cultivated a unique perspective that is truly all his own. He has a talent for connecting ideas in a way that creates something new, as proven in his dissertation that gained him his PhD.

Called “Multivariate Platoon Dispersion Modeling and Signal Coordination with a Predicted Platoon Max-Pressure Policy” and soon-to-be-published, this mammoth of a title helms a paper that presents a colossus of an idea. As of this publication, we cannot specify the details of his yet-to-be-published paper because of its sensitive material. Yet, we are excited for the world to read it. In short, what we can publish, his dissertation connects two ideas unconnected before in a way that creates a new method of understanding to maximize efficiency for traffic and transportation.

Today, Dr. Jiao lives in San Antonio, Texas, working as an engineer-in-training for UNINTECH. Dr. Jiao’s passion for working on transportation and civil engineering projects can be seen in his efforts on various projects for the company, including projects like Rainbow Hills, Seeling Channel Phase 3, and SSORP CMOM Package 1.

What impresses him the most working at UNINTECH is, as he puts it, “how [we] solve actual problems in the process of designing and construction. That is something you don’t learn at school.” The innovation to problems taken by his colleagues is in concert with his own desire to connect ideas previously unconnected and create something new. As a bonus, his wife, Xiduo, also works as a civil engineer in San Antonio.

Though he’s only 30 years’ old and has just started his career’s journey, Dr. Jiao offered some advice that has aided him greatly on his path. “Just be humble and try learn as much as you can while you’re young. Be open to any ideas and knowledge you don’t know. And try to absorb that and learn that.”

His colleagues enjoy his humble spirit, and they can feel his passion for solving problems through his communication. A vivacious learner and unassuming young man, Dr. Jiao plays a key role on UNINTECH projects that contribute to San Antonio, to Texas, and to the world at large. 

Dr. Jian Jiao is an engineer-in-training at Unintech Consulting Engineers, Inc., in San Antonio, Texas, for the civil division. He has experience with projects within the public and private sectors. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering from the National University of Singapore, and his Master of Engineering degree and Doctor of Philosophy in civil engineering from Texas A&M University. He has experience with project drawing, detailing, and designing.