In 30 years, UNINTECH has proven that we are a versatile company that has adapted and grown to meet our clients’ needs.

It’s not every day that you encounter a business as versatile as Unintech Consulting Engineers, Inc. (UNINTECH). Over our 30 years of business, we have grown to offer structural and civil engineering, as well as residential and surveying services. We are proud to provide our clients quality and cost-effective solutions.

Our Structural Division’s team of licensed professional engineers and support staff can perform structural and precast design to foundation evaluations and analysis, and so much more. Our staff are versed in their profession that some have even published technical papers, like Dr. David Peralta, P.E.’s, “Seismic Behavior of Wood Diaphragms in Pre-1950s Unreinforced Masonry Buildings,” about an experimental testing program on the rehabilitation methods of wood in unreinforced pre-1950s masonry. We provide our design expertise to vertical and horizontal structures like bridges and buildings, and to precast concrete projects, like parking garages, all over Texas. So, structurally speaking – we rock!

UNINTECH’s Residential Division has “built” up its reputation in the 25 years since its creation. Our team of CAD designers, account managers, and foundation inspectors all work together to complete over 2,000 homes each year. Our homebuilding expertise is locally renown — in 2006, a client called on our team, led by Residential Director Bill Matthews, to work on a home where we were featured on the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, with special guest host Kermit the Frog! Together with our structural and survey divisions, UNINTECH performs all the services that our clients require, like foundation and site plan layout designs, foundation inspections, and lot and final surveys.

Speaking of surveys, our Survey Division has a skilled team with the expertise to get the job done. Our division is made up of experienced survey technicians, field crews, and registered professional land surveyors, like Lynn Savory, R.P.L.S., who previously lent his surveying knowledge to several publications including “The Texas Surveyor Monthly” magazine as a writer and Managing Editor for 22 years. Our crew works day-in and day-out to perform platting, construction staking, boundary, ROW/route, and land development surveys for our clients. And now with the addition of our new aerial drone to our survey equipment, our crews can take accurate scans and images of the project area from the air and turn it into data for clients and our own engineers to use. 

Adding to our ever-capable team, our Civil Division makes UNINTECH a one-stop-shop for all our clients’ needs. Our civil engineers possess extensive knowledge and capabilities to solve any problem, sometimes by innovatively connecting two previously unconnected ideas — much like Dr. Jian Jiao, P.E., who wrote a soon-to-be-published paper for his doctorate on transportation about a revolutionary new understanding of maximizing efficiency for traffic and transportation. Our engineers provide their services to water and wastewater, street reconstruction, and drainage projects all over Texas. Recently, UNINTECH’s engineers and surveyors provided the award-winning design of Seeling Channel, Phase 3 — one of the largest projects ever for the City of San Antonio – showing just how capable we are! 

Altogether, our divisions make UNINTECH a force to be reckoned with! In 30 years, UNINTECH has proven that we are a versatile company that has adapted and grown to meet our clients’ needs. UNINTECH strives to be the leading structural and civil engineering and surveying firm in our region. We offer our customers quality, value, and the best possible service with commitment to versatility and innovative approaches.