10 American Surveyors From History

Their dedication, skill, and commitment to precise measurement and documentation have helped shape the American landscape and provided valuable insights into the nation’s history and geographical features. Surveying, the art and science of measuring and mapping the land, has played...
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Is BIM the Future of Construction?

Why is Building Information Technology Important? Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the hot topic of the decade for Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries. An increasing number of companies are adopting BIM for the design and construction of large projects. As...
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Sand Dams

The Power of Sand Dams

Ever since last week’s blog on the 7 strangest, most beautiful dams in the world (you can read it here,) I haven’t been able to get sand dams out of my mind. Sand dams are helping people all over Africa,...
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For the Love of Concrete

Concrete has been around for millennia. Some accredit the Romans with the invention of this sturdy building material, but in actuality, rudimentary concrete had been used for thousands of years before them in places such as Babylon and India. There’s...
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Plumb Bob

Plumb Bob: Friend or Foe?

Image credit: http://www.haeschecollectibles.net/ Silly titles aside, we all know the plumb bob is our friend; there is no doubt about that.  This tool has been used for at least the last 4,000 years, probably longer, to ensure that our buildings...
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